Reviews CD ‘A tribute to Medtner

From Eptabulletin 2023/3:
“Medtner could not have wished for a better advocate for his music: Patricia Verhagen appears to have everything technically and musically necessary to convincingly present these pianistically complex works. Her playing is so powerful, resilient and imaginative that it is not clear to the undersigned why this pianist is not better known…”.

“Thanks to the qualities of Patricia Verhagen all facets of Medtners compositions sound optimal.”

From “Classic Affairs”, October 2023:
“Medtner’s music is by no means simple, both melodically and harmonically: it requires great musical intelligence in addition to formidable finger dexterity. ….. Virtuosity was not an end in itself for him, he combined it with a narrative style that makes him unique. Patricia Verhagen has a feeling for this, not only in the Tales, opus 51, but also in both sonatas… . Verhagen’s understanding, energetic and perfectly recorded playing does full justice to a composer who is (finally!) getting more and more opportunities.