Patricia Verhagen has recorded various CD’s. Below you will find an overview. Please click on the images to listen to a fragment. Some CD’s can still be ordered, please contact me.

You can also listen to music from the  CD’s “L’Eau et le Vent” and “A la recherche de Bréville” on Spotify and I-Tunes.

L’Eau et le Vent

Piano solo
L’ Eau et Vent: the musical expression of wind and water, snow, fog and rain by Ravel, Debussy and Fauré.



A la recherche de Bréville:
Two romantic/impressionistic piano compositions and the viola-piano sonata of the unknown French composer Pierre de Bréville.



Piano quatre-mains
CD with compositions of the Romantic composers Schumann, Brahms, Dietrich and Goetz.
[Globe 5188]



Bruch and Reinecke wrote beautiful pieces for piano, klarinet and viola.
[Erasmus WVH 061]



Jacco Müller wrote compelling flamencomusic for various instruments including two pieces for guitar and piano.